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About Us

The We Luv To Hate Story

A message from the Founder, Priscilla Lavoie


Priscilla Lavoie, Founder of WLTH: We Luv To Hate


A few months before embarking on the We Luv To Hate journey I was miserable and lost. My co-founder had just left our startup - the day our investors confirmed they would give us more funding - and our startup collapsed. I don’t blame it on my ex-partner, he did what he needed to do (although the timing and complete lack of apology fucking sucked). And in fact, after being quite bipolar for a month, I began to see the whole situation as a blessing in disguise.

You see, I was so entrenched in the startup that I would’ve kept going, even if I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I had grown to despise the industry, I myself didn’t relate so much to the product anymore, and well, I was pretty exhausted.

So I decided to put a smile on my face and put that whole ordeal behind me. I pledged to take some much needed time off to pause and re-assess my life, including my purpose, motivators, and goals. Isn’t it crazy that throughout life we are usually just “go go go” - on automatic - and don’t really contemplate the big picture or the most important questions that matter to us?

I took a lot of time to read, learn new things, and most of all, think. I had always been a natural skeptic, but I soon began to find myself questioning many things about society and my purpose within it. Why are certain things the way they are? Why do people blindly follow others? How could I be a positive force in this world? I wanted to do something fulfilling, something good.

And then I went on a silent retreat. It was actually coming back from that retreat, in the airport, where the idea for the WLTH brand was born. I saw a girl with a large hat that read “not that kind of girl”, and my immediate reaction was, “hmm, that’s cheesy” - but I did like the concept and thought, “what would I write?”.

The first thing that came to my mind was “fuck diamonds”. Why? I have a tattoo wedding “ring” (actually a heart). I was never the kind of girl who wanted a big rock on my finger (no offence to those who do). Did you know that the idea that a man should spend a significant fraction of his annual income on a diamond engagement ring actually originated from a De Beers marketing campaign in the 1930s as an effort to increase diamond sales? That’s right.

I began to think of other things I wanted people to question - other areas of society where I wanted to see a change and raise awareness, such as smoking, pollution, consumerism, sexism, racism, and so on. My mind kept going until I came up with the concept of WLTH: hate messages for a better world.

I decided to create bold clothing for the non-conformers, the people who want to make a difference in the world. This is clothing for those who care as much about the statement as they do the fashion.

Standing by my values and purpose in the brand, I decided to go with premium quality t-shirts produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. I didn’t mass order these shirts from China, nor will I ever. Proceeds from every shirt sold will also go toward one or more charities supporting the causes we fight for.

I hope you wear your shirt proud, because YOU are making the world a better place, one hate message at a time. Thank you for supporting the We Luv to Hate brand.