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Why the word ‘fuck’?

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We get the same question time and time again. Why must we be so goddamn vulgar? So we decided to write this article that we could easily send a link to every time we get that question. Hey, we’re practical people. Plus it seems you’re interested :) So here are some of the reasons why the We Luv to Hate Brand uses the word “fuck” on our shirts.

It’s shocking

People aren’t used to seeing the word “fuck” written anywhere, so when it’s written loud and proud across a t-shirt, it definitely gets attention. And since we have this big audacious goal of changing society, we needed something that was gonna get that attention.

It shows passion.

Using the word “fuck” in our messages shows just how strongly we feel about them. “Diamonds suck” is nice and all but “fuck diamonds” comes from the heart, doesn’t it?

It shows confidence.

Wearing these bold messages means you know what you’re talking about. You know the facts, you’ve done the research, and you can have the conversation. So yea, you’re allowed to be a bit in your face. 

It’s real.

It’s how a lot of us speak. And it’s not that we were raised badly or that we’re rude - the word “fuck” is just not that big of a deal, especially where we and our clients are from. The word is used daily, and sometimes hourly for some of us. It just comes naturally. 

Ultimately, we hope the use of the word “fuck” on our shirts helps the messages we’re trying to get across stand out. We want these shirts to spark interesting debates over dinner, lots of introspection, and most of all, change. So pardon us, but we don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it.

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